Tanning / delivery

Roar Fur Industry receives skins for tanning. 

Curing the skin is the first step in the preparation. It must be done immediately after the skin is cooled down after slaughter. The salt draws moisture out of the skin and preserves it. In the same way as you preserve meat. The salt prevents the skin from being destroyed and rotten.

Other ways to preserve skin is drying or freezing. If the skin is frozen down, it must be thawed and salted before delivered to tanning.

If you want to take care of the skin and prepare it, you have to plan that as soon as the animal is shot.

Skinning the animal is important for a good result.
Skin the animal and avoid slaughter cut. Cut off the fat and meat residue without damage the skin.
Then you have to cure or dry the skin. VIEW OUR CURE ADVICE. This should be done as soon as possible after the skin is cooled.

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