Cure advice

Salt draws moisture out of the skin and preserves it. Use fine grained salt, not coarsed salt.

Salted skins should be cured for a minimum of 8-10 days (elk and cattle 14 days). The skins should be stored flat, not rolled or folded. This is to avoid folds or creases where the salt can not reach. Cut off the fat and meat residue without damage the skin.

Make sure it is not raining or snowing on the skin, avoid the skin from freezing.

Look after the skin after 3-4 days and, if needed, add more dry fine grained salt.

The leather/meat side should be totally covered with salt!

If you have more skins, simply stack them on top of each other, it does not matter if you get salt in the fur.

Recommended salt amount is 7% of the meat weight.

    • Kidd approx. 1.5 kg
    • Goat / Sheep 2-4 kg,
    • Reindeer 3-5 kg,
    • Deer 5-10 kg, Moose 7-20 kg
    • Cattle 15-25 kg.

For round-skinned skin e.g. mink, marten and fox, we recommend You to bury them in salt. Make sure to open up and salt legs and tail.

Round-skinned skin can also be dried, make sure that all meat and fat is removed and that the skin is completely dry before delivering.

Badly salted skin may result in hairless/bald spots in the skin.

A well skinned and salted skin ensures an excellent end product.